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free woocommerce extensions for new ecommerce sites

How to Boost Holiday Sales in 2020

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you may already be starting to set out a plan to boost your holiday sales. Ecommerce is going to lead the way this year, as the pandemic continues to drive a boost in online shopping.In fact, ecommerce sales from April to May have already exceeded sales during the 2019 holiday season by 7%. With a record-breaking online holiday season expected in… Read More »How to Boost Holiday Sales in 2020

Advertise with Google

Reasons to advertise with Google AdWords

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is getting their website in front of customers. Search engine optimization can be tricky for new business owners, and launching ad campaigns on the wrong platforms can burn money quickly. How can marketers ensure that their business is appearing in search results for relevant keyword queries on Google? The answer is Google AdWords campaigns. They’re quick, effective ways… Read More »Reasons to advertise with Google AdWords

How to start a business! Easy Checklist!

Congratulations on preparing to move forward with your big idea! This is an exciting time. As you move through your “how to start a business” to-do list, you’ll find that you may never be busier than during this startup period. After you evaluate your business idea, research the market and your potential customer base, and determine startup costs, you’ll be ready to take on the… Read More »How to start a business! Easy Checklist!

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eCommerce trends during Covid-19

As COVID-19 leaves us scrambling to piece together a new normal, in-person shopping is becoming less of a reliable source of revenue for merchants and service providers. That is why having a strong presence online is more important than ever. With people staying home and shopping online a savvy business person should recognize some important eCommerce trends during Covid-19 and the new normal. Indeed, recent data… Read More »eCommerce trends during Covid-19

Website launch checklist

A website launch is an exciting and anxious event. It’s the culmination of weeks, months or years worth of hard work. And a website launch checklist helps you keep that event on the rails. Why do we need a website launch checklist? No matter how experienced we are at doing something, there’s always a chance that we’ll make a mistake. So, in this article, we’ve… Read More »Website launch checklist

How to create a coronavirus FAQ page for your website

How to create a coronavirus FAQ page for your website

How to create a coronavirus FAQ page for your website Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, your customers will be looking for answers to a host of burning questions — and it’s your responsibility to provide them. In addition to keeping lines of communication open across all consumer touchpoints including social media, phone and email, consider creating a coronavirus FAQ page. Developing a dedicated coronavirus FAQ page should be… Read More »How to create a coronavirus FAQ page for your website

ecommerce website security

eCommerce website security steps to protect against cyber threats

Running an eCommerce website can be both profitable and rewarding, but too many eCommerce newcomers neglect one of the biggest threats to both their profitability and the structural integrity of the site: eCommerce website security. There are three main reasons that entrepreneurs ignore eCommerce security: They don’t understand the threat it presents. They don’t know what to do about it. They believe their enterprise is too… Read More »eCommerce website security steps to protect against cyber threats

wordpress coupon plugins

WordPress Coupon plugins for online stores

Once upon a time, coupons were seen only for stay-at-home moms or fixed-income seniors trying to stretch dollars, or for folks with tons of time on their hands for competitive shopping recon. Today, almost all online shoppers have used a coupon in the last few months. And that’s why you should seriously consider WordPress coupon plugins for your eCommerce site. Actually, the question is not whether you… Read More »WordPress Coupon plugins for online stores

How to podcast

How to podcast – A Thorough guide to start and grow a podcast

With the recent surge in the popularity of podcasting, you might be wondering how to podcast for yourself or your business. After all, even former President Obama signed a deal to launch a podcast with Spotify, and other celebrities are hopping on the podcasting bandwagon as well. I recently learned that even NASA (yes, that NASA!) has not one, but several podcasts. Podcasting still feels like the… Read More »How to podcast – A Thorough guide to start and grow a podcast

Mobile app trends coming from Covid-19

COVID-19 Mobile App Trends all Business Owners Should Know

It’s no secret — we live in a mobile app world. Since 2016, mobile use has trended upwards. Mobile has surpassed desktop usage and proved itself as an almost limitless means of connecting with others, conducting research and making purchases anytime, anywhere. As such, mobile app trends are on the minds of many entrepreneurs.But, how has COVID-19 impacted consumer mobile engagement? Well, in short, smartphone usage… Read More »COVID-19 Mobile App Trends all Business Owners Should Know