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WordPress Hosting

The Best WordPress Security Plugins

If you have a WordPress website for your small business, and you haven’t already learned about security and security plugins, your time is now. This is an essential part of maintaining your website. In this post, in addition to looking at some of the best WordPress security plugins, you’ll learn why you need them, and some of the features you will want to look for… Read More »The Best WordPress Security Plugins

working remotely

7 security tips for working remotely

Working from home (WFH) has its benefits for both employees and employers, yet it also presents distinct challenges. One of those major challenges is cybersecurity and following security tips for working remotely. Keeping the computers and login credentials of employees safe as they view sensitive documents and open work emails on home internet connections is crucial for companies with remote work policies. And many companies… Read More »7 security tips for working remotely

Website launch checklist

A website launch is an exciting and anxious event. It’s the culmination of weeks, months or years worth of hard work. And a website launch checklist helps you keep that event on the rails. Why do we need a website launch checklist? No matter how experienced we are at doing something, there’s always a chance that we’ll make a mistake. So, in this article, we’ve… Read More »Website launch checklist

online secure guide

The online security guide

You’ve registered the perfect domain name and are getting close to publishing your new website. Your product list, blog or new venture is coming together nicely, and your website looks superb. But something’s missing. Did you read up on SSL certificates and more? This online security guide will help you get secured and make your project trustworthy. You may recall the term ‘SSL’ from previous… Read More »The online security guide

How to run a wordpress security scan

How to run a WordPress security scan

As a web designer or developer, why should you care about running a WordPress security scan? With the growing availability of dedicated solutions, WordPress now makes up 34% percent of the internet. As the most used open-source content management system (CMS), WordPress is also a target for security attacks. Based on the GoDaddy Security and Sucuri teams’ analysis of more than 25,000 infected websites and 4.4 million… Read More »How to run a WordPress security scan

ecommerce website security

eCommerce website security steps to protect against cyber threats

Running an eCommerce website can be both profitable and rewarding, but too many eCommerce newcomers neglect one of the biggest threats to both their profitability and the structural integrity of the site: eCommerce website security. There are three main reasons that entrepreneurs ignore eCommerce security: They don’t understand the threat it presents. They don’t know what to do about it. They believe their enterprise is too… Read More »eCommerce website security steps to protect against cyber threats

WordPress Hacks – Protect your WordPress Site!

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) out there. That’s why it is vital to prevent WordPress hacking. Statistically, over 33% of websites currently run on WordPress. This post is not a “one size fits all” overview, as there are many other ways to protect WordPress from hacking. Here at Sucuri, we certainly advocate researching and expanding core security values. Here are some… Read More »WordPress Hacks – Protect your WordPress Site!