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If you are curious about other discount domains or service that we offer you search our pages!

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If you are curious about other discount domains or service that we offer you search our pages!

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Initial setup of SEO so you can get noticed in all major search engines come standard! We will also teach you and follow up with you to make sure your investment is being used properly. This will all happen within 48 hours of your purchase of your discount domain and website building package. Our belief is it is always better to have 2 sets of eyes instead of one to make sure you look perfect from every angle.

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Business and VPS Hosting

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Post COVID-19, the atmosphere of business has changed! Our prices for all products will always stay low and our Blog may be able to assist you with ideas of how to prosper as we all grow stronger together!

We are here to help you get the most out of your products that PTUSNetworking has for you. All of this will result in beautiful site! Our goal together is to keep your business running! Please call or let us know if you have any questions!

Hopefully we cover them here!

  • When I buy a domain with PTUSNetworking is the domain truly mine? – YES
  • Can I transfer my domain to PTUSNetworking or to another registrar – YES (This is subject to Icann rules and the amount of time that you have owned the domain. You would have to pay a nominal transfer fee and then you would have the price that the registrar lists the domain.
  • Can I park my domain with PTUSNetworking – YES
  • What happens when it comes time to renew my domain with PTUSNetworking – Domains are extremely low maintenance for registrars so we do not raise the price unless there is a change in tax structure or Icann regulations.

Just in case you have more questions!